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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. –Chinese Proverb

Dear Friends,

This website is founded by Vallabha Ganesan who is always fond of "Thoughts".  He circulates  thoughts in the heading "Thought for the Day" to his friends, collegues and relatives  for more than 20 years via office  notice boards, paper cuttings, e-mail and SMS.. Thoughts were getting distributed to his 3000+ contacts via mails in the recent past till last year.

Recently he thought of using the web Instead of distributing thoughts thru mails which are treated as SPAM in some of the mail box servers. Also distributing thoughts via mails to his more than 5000+ present contacts on daily basis required a different platform. Hence this web page www.onelakhone.com has born.

Vallabha Ganesan  firmly believes that good positive thoughts and prayer brings whatever we want in life. Also, we can see GOD in day to day life and to promote this belief to present / to next e-generation, the e-prayer concept born.

We seen so many  people writes SRIRAMAJAYAM, SHIVASHIVA, Praise the Lord. etc., in note books, papers for their exam results, son/daughter marriage, when some one in hospital, for job, promotion etc.,  Still present young generation and elder people writes these slogans  in papers / notebooks and submit to temples. Since we are in e-world, we can use the e-prayer to be in touch with GOD  in our busy schedules too. So anytime we can pray god without forgeting him and can experience every movement GOD is with us thru e-prayer.  It requires few minutes only during our daily routine.

So read various thoughts any movement in this website  and go ahead to participate in e-prayer.

Best wishes,
Team Onelakhone.com